New insights into the mysteries of black holes

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New insights into the mysteries of black holes

Have you ever wondered what a black hole? Apart from the brief and totally overrated allusions that can be seen throughout science fiction films, the notion of a black hole is a tad more complex. Although an absolute understanding of this concept is almost impossible, researchers are still trying to unravel all the mysteries.

The black hole at the center of the Milky Way
Credits Event Horizon Telescope collaboration

And this is what a small group of physicists have achieved.

The truth about the black hole

In general, ordinary people have an erroneous perception of what a black hole is. For many, just talking about a black hole is like talking about dark matter engulfing everything in its path. That said, this perception of the black hole would be quite reductive, as scientists see it in a broader sense.

The black hole can also be seen as an amalgam between all the theories of relativity and that of quantum mechanics. And an understanding of his true nature would perhaps lay bare all the preconceived ideas that Man has always had of the world.

A clear cut explanation of what a black hole really is could not be summed up in a few words. Scientists around the world have studied this question for many years without succeeding.

Signs of a new breakthrough

To already manage to elucidate the mystery surrounding this puzzle that has always resisted scientists, it will have taken time. And this of course takes into account human and financial resources. In their research work, three physicists are trying to lift the veil on this mystery.

Ahmed Almheiri, one of the physicists, who looked into the matter, explains the solution found. Edgar Shaghoulian, another physicist on the team, explains how their discovery could revolutionize the scientific world. Without going too far, it could even allow a much better understanding of the cosmos.

Seth Flecher planted the Event Horizon telescope, the tool which made it possible to obtain the very first image of the black hole which is at the center of the Milky Way. And finally, George Musser describes in great detail how the team of physicists managed to unravel this mystery that seemed insoluble until now.

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