Adidas launches solar-powered helmet

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Adidas launches solar-powered helmet

The famous Adidas brand announced on Tuesday that it was going to put the RPT-02 SOL on sale. According to The Verge, it’s ” a pair of self-charging Bluetooth headphones which contains Exeger’s Powerfoyle solar cells enclosed in the recycled plastic headband. This wireless headset is the result of the association of the athletic brand with Zound Industries, a Swedish company.

Also according to The Verge, this new device is composed of the same solar technology integrated into the Urbanista Los Angeles solar-powered headphones, with the same reserve battery life which is 80 hours.

Credits: Adidas

Features of Adidas’ pair of solar-powered headphones

The helmet is sold at $229, or 225.99 euros. It is powered by light, with Exeger’s Powerfoyle converting all forms of natural as well as artificial light into battery life. Another important point is the materials with which the helmet was designed. Indeed, part of these materials is recycled plastic, not to mention that it contains washable parts like the inner headband and ear pads.

As it was mentioned before, the pair of earphones has 80 hours of maximum battery life. With intuitive controls and an IPX4-rated design, it’s perfect for workouts. Indeed, the IPX4-compliant design allows the headphones to resist sweat. Finally, the headset has a microphone and a USB-C port for emergency charging.

Comparison with Urbanista and RPT-01

The Urbanista and RPT-02 SOL headphones both feature Powerfoyle panels. The Urbanista have active noise cancellation while Adidas mentions no such thing for its headphones. The company also does not mention any sophisticated audio codec.

Incidentally, the RPT-02 SOL’s predecessor, the RPT-01, also made by Zound, was described by Engadget as a pair of over-ear wireless headphones with “remarkably good sound”. And it also possessed IPX4 sweat resistance. Its price was $169 or 166.78 euros.


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