LG is reportedly designing the world’s smallest OLED TV

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LG is reportedly designing the world’s smallest OLED TV

LG has a little surprise in store for us for the end of the year. Indeed, LG Display will unveil a 20-inch OLED panel to us soon, paving the way for LG Electronics to produce its smallest OLED TV or PC monitor. Kang Won-Seok, vice president of LG Display, said that since the lockdowns, the demand for monitors and TVs is very high. He even added that it is unheard of and that is what led the company to design this new size.

Note that, so far, the smallest LG OLED TV measures 42 inches, it is called LG C2 OLED. While the smallest LG OLED monitor measures 27 inches and is called UltraFine Display OLED Pro. Also remember that LG Electronics is behind some of the best OLED TVs and uses display panels from LG Display, its sister company.

LG Television - Credits: 123rf
LG Television – Credits: 123rf

A first for LG

The manufacturer wants to meet the demand for personal devices that has skyrocketed during the pandemic. This will be the first time LG Display has made OLED panels suitable for computer screens or smaller TVs. Usually, the company builds these panels for other categories of devices like watches, smartphones, etc.

Also, although 20-inch OLED panels are coming this year, when customers will be able to use devices with them remains unknown. And since LG Display also supplies its products to other TV manufacturers, you won’t have to wait for LG Electronics. However, it may take several months for these products to hit store shelves.

LG remains the leader in its field

In tests, LG Electronics’ OLD TVs far outperform most desktop computer monitors on the market. When it comes to image quality and contrast to “grey” uniformity, LG can’t be beat. In addition, its recent OLEDs have competitive response times and refresh rates that make them good gaming screens.


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