Uber Rewards will end in October

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Uber Rewards will end in October

Uber will end its loyalty program called “Uber Rewards” on the 1er November 2022. For this purpose, users have until the end of August to earn Uber Rewards points. The company has decided to focus on its “Uber One” subscription and you have until October 31, 2022 to spend your points.

As a reminder, Uber Rewards is a free program allowing you to accumulate points on each Uber and Uber Eats transaction. Then you can use those points to get discounts on future rides or deliveries. And you can earn up to 7,500 points and level up. Each level offers very interesting advantages.

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More information on the Uber Rewards program

Uber launched its rider rewards program four years ago. Uber Rewards offers you discounts and more experienced drivers as you collect points. This program has four levels of membership and the lowest is “Blue”. After the first 500 points, you move up to the “Gold” level which allows you to cancel and rebook trips for free and also offers priority assistance.

At 1000 points, you join the Platinum level which protects you from price spikes during peak hours and offers priority airport pickups. If you earn 7,500 points, you’ll move up to the Diamond tier, which gives you dedicated 24/7 phone support, highly rated drivers, three Uber Eats orders with $0 in delivery costs, and several free trips. Be aware that the company does not plan to launch a substitution program for Uber Rewards.

Focus on Uber One

From November, there will be no other way to regularly earn perks and discounts unless you opt for an Uber One membership. With $9.99 a month, you’ll get free food deliveries and up to 10% off Uber Eats orders.

You’ll also get 5% off rides from top-rated Uber drivers. But not only. Current Uber Rewards members are eligible for a one-month free trial of Uber One. After 30 days, you must register if you want to keep these benefits.


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