Ukraine acquires a kamikaze robot equipped with an anti-tank mine

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To defend against the Russian invasion, Ukrainians have brilliantly diverted certain consumer technologies, such as drone which are used to drop pomegranates on enemy armor. But the country now has a new weapon against tanks, in the form of a small ground robot.

Called Gnom Kamikaze, the device is manufactured by the Ukrainian company Temerland, based in Zaporizhia, in the west of the country. It is a small vehicle with low ground clearance that carries an anti-tank mine. A Russian TM-62, to be precise. This mine has already been used a lot in Ukraine, but now it will be as an offensive weapon. With a height of only 165 millimeters, the robot is small enough to slip under enemy vehicles before exploding, but can also increase its ground clearance to pass over small obstacles. It is painted gray to blend in with the decor, being designed for primarily urban use.

Simulation of the robot which slips under a vehicle to make it explode. © Temerland

Drone and Gnom Kamikaze, the deadly duo

The Gnom Kamikaze is based on the manufacturer’s Gnom robotic platform. Temerland has already used Gnom to create a minesweeper robotand a robot equipped with a machine gun tank or a launcher of missile anti-tank. The mine contains 7.5 kilos of explosives and can be triggered by the simple presence of a metal object above it. If needed, an operator can also detonate the robot.

The device can transmit a video signal over 800 meters, and drive for an hour. Eduard Trotsenko, the CEO of Temerland, indicated that the robot will certainly be used in conjunction with a drone. The latter will carry out an aerial reconnaissance in order to guide the Gnom Kamikaze towards a vehicle. It will also serve as a distraction, drone being often used to drop explosive charges, thus allowing the robot to approach discreetly.

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