What is panspermia? Surely not what you think…

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What is panspermia? Surely not what you think…

Literary or at least cultivated, the answer quickly jumps to the eye! As for the rest, your imagination may wander – a sperm pandemic, you might say – you may be disappointed, but you’ll get it all wrong!

Credits - 123RF
Credits – 123RF

Would you like a little cultural moment to set the record straight?

We are aliens: shocking right?

Whether you like it or not, this is the very basis of panspermia which, in reality, is a brain-bending theory. What if we told you that the whole term simply means: transfer of microscopic living organisms. Not very clear, it seems… What if, now, we complete it “through space”: there, the shock must be felt.

We give it to you in the millet: according to the theory of panspermia, life on earth comes from extraterrestrial originsall forms of life!

Clearly, there is 3 billion 800 million years, an entanglement between celestial bodies and our very dear green planet would be the basis of our birth. Considering the great diversity of living beings on Earth, it seems obvious that a single entanglement would not have been enough. In fact, we will even suppose millions and billions!

But why do you think?

Already, at present, about 100 tons of extra-terrestrial matter bombard the surface of the globe every day. Don’t worry, we are mainly talking about dust or even mini meteorites (pebbles)… The problem is that 4 billion years ago, not only these extraterrestrial materials were much more numerous, but also more voluminous. Imagine this chaotic atmosphere, this awful messy deluge right at the birth of the Earth.

Credits - 123RF
Credits – 123RF

But even more amazingly, each of these celestial bodies carried amino acids : the very essence of life. Considering all these facts – facts and not theories – these dusts and pieces of asteroids are bound to be an integral part of the planet we know today. By ricochet then, these amino acids transported from the depths of space are also part of our planet.

Conclusion ? The “germs of life” on Earth come from space!

What does this imply then?

We are probably aliens! Let us try to demystify the term in itself “extra-terrestrials”: ​​it is made up of “extra”, which means in this context “out of“, and of “terrestrial“which just means”of planet earth”. It is therefore not an appellation which should immediately bring you back to an idea of bipedal monsters (or not), with protruding eyes and a distorted language. It’s just about anything that is not part of planet earth normally. When then, we add this new vision of the term to the theory of panspermia: living beings on Earth are of extraterrestrial origin.

Interesting facts !

At the risk of shocking you more than you already are, astronomers have discovered the elements of DNA around some stars in our galaxy. These same molecules are found in greater numbers at the level of planets in formation: planetary nebulae.

We immediately understand that if these planets in formation prove to be favorable to birth and growth of life, we could very well end up with a second “Earth”! And neighbors who may be slightly different from us on a physical level, but who are still our similar on a molecular level.

Is the term “extraterrestrial” overrated? What future discovery could upset our knowledge or pseudo-knowledge? Well, time to answer us!

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