Sony will bring its PS VR 2 to market in early 2023

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Sony will bring its PS VR 2 to market in early 2023

After unveiling the project last February, and providing several technical details in July, the Japanese giant is now announcing the release date for its next gem.

Sony Interactive Entertainment

The long-awaited new virtual reality headset from sonythe PS-VR2, will be “available in early 2023”. This is the message that accompanies an image of the gadget originally posted on the PlayStation France twitter account on August 22. Thus, this new model of VR headset will be launched six years after the previous one.

For now, if we don’t know the exact release date of the device or its cost, we can expect to see it on the market during the first quarter of 2023. This, provided that the components necessary for its production and that of the playstation5 do not become rare again.

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Notable assets

Clarification that Sony’s new reality headset will only work with the PS5. However, you can use it even with games that do not support virtual reality. In addition, thanks to a blog post published by Sony last month, we also know that the PS VR2 will support 20 games when it is released. Among these, Resident Evil Village, Resident Evil 4 Remake, and Horizon Call of Mountain.

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Besides the fact that it will only work exclusively with the PS5, the PS VR2 differs from its predecessor on various levels. Also according to Sony’s blog post, the new version is expected to have a sleeker design, live-streaming option, cinematic mode, better resolution, and most importantly, a transparent view. This last feature, similar to that offered by Meta on its Occulus Quest (1 and 2), aims to ensure the safety of players.

Meta, a major rival

If the PS VR2 promises, the Japanese company may, however, have a lot of trouble against its American rival Meta. Indeed, the Zuckerberg firm should launch its virtual reality headset project, the Cambria project, at the end of 2022. Apple could also release a VR headset in January 2023, according to one of its analysts, Ming-Chi Kuo. The latter confided in MacRumorsa specialized media on the American brand.

It should be noted that Sony’s VR headsets are not wireless, unlike Meta’s. However, Sony could stand out by betting on the price. We will certainly know more in the months to come.

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