Google TV becomes more efficient and better manages applications

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Google TV becomes more efficient and better manages applications

Google TV was launched two years ago. Lately, Google has been busy adding new features to this platform. Among these novelties is the iOS adaptation. So, if you felt that Google neglected this product, especially regarding stability and performance, know that a final update is now available. This update brings new options and is accessible to all users.

The new options of Google TV

First, the retailer claimed that the time it takes to load the “For You” tab on startup is now reduced. This is due to the fact that CPU management as well as caches have received better optimizations. Also, when you need to navigate between tabs, you will notice better fluidity compared to the old version. Also, when you want to switch to the child profile, Google claims that the transition will no longer take much time.

Besides, the update allows you to see less animations when loading Google TV thanks to the “Live” tab. Finally, and this is certainly the best modification, the RAM used by the software has been reduced. Thus, the fluidity when watching your program will be better.

More convenient for Google TV regulars

If you’ve been a Google TV user for a long time, you’ll notice that this new update has added an option to free up storage space. This new option can be found in the settings menu. It mainly allows you to erase the caches of your programs but also to uninstall the applications that you no longer need. To be able to enjoy these features, all you have to do is go to Chromecast with Google TV. For smart TVs, we’re going to have to wait a little longer, but it won’t be long.

The changes to Google TV don’t stop there. This is because when users want to install new apps, the number of errors they see will be reduced. Finally, in this new update, a new automated process will free up space on the device. This will allow you to install more apps.

This latest update has been rolling out for some time. It should be available to all users shortly.


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