This kit quickly and simply transforms your bicycle into an electric bicycle

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[EN VIDÉO] How to choose an electric bike?
Electric-assisted bicycles (VAE) offer an alternative and ecological means of transport for short and medium distances. Price, autonomy, comfort of use, type of battery… Here are the criteria to take into account before a purchase.

the electrically assisted bicycle (VAE) is popular at the moment, offering a more ecological means of transport than the car. Thanks to its integrated motor, it makes it easier to face the slopes and increases the distance of the journeys that can be made comfortably. The state is trying to encourage this mode of transport and even offers aid, which can in some cases reach 4,000 euros for those who abandon their thermal car.

However, buying a electric bike is expensive, and subsidies only cover 40% of the price. The Lithuanian manufacturer Rubbee offers a much more economical solution: converting its current bike into a VAE. There are other conversion kits on the market, but the Rubbee X has the advantage of being particularly easy to install and suitable for most bikes devoid of mudguards and luggage racks.

Simple to install, the Rubbee X’s motor comes directly from the rear wheel. (Enable automatic translation of subtitles.) © Rubbee

A modular kit with one to three batteries

Simply attach the base to the seatpost, as well as a sensor at a pedal. The device then clips onto the base and its motor presses on the rear wheel to provide assistance. The block is therefore easily removed for recharging. The basic version is sold with a batteryand it is possible to install two additional ones.

Count a range of 16 kilometers per battery with a level of assistance that increases each time. The device weighs between 2.8 kg and 4 kg, with a recharge time of one to three hours, depending on the number of batteries. The Rubbee X is sold for 589 euros for the basic version, and count an additional 100 euros per battery, sold separately or directly integrated.

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