According to a Havard study, these 7 tips can make you more quick-witted!

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According to a Havard study, these 7 tips can make you more quick-witted!

We are still here in 2022, but we must admit that Covid-19 has had a number of consequences for a myriad of people. You should even know that several of those who recovered from the disease began to notice small memory losses and very often wondered if they were still on top mentally.

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Although no one really has an optimal answer to this, for now, we are still going to tell you about several solutions here that can help the mind regain its liveliness. And whether you have been sick or not, it is impossible not to take advantage of it! First of all, here are 7 little tips to energize your brain according to Harvard researchers.

1 – Learn a new game or skill

Trying to assimilate the operation of a new game or forge a new skill can be considered an excellent exercise to energize your brain. Indeed, striving to master new activities – cooking, or a sport for example – stimulates brain cells and optimizes their communication. And remember that if you don’t learn how to bake cakes, a puzzle or Scrabble can very well help keep your mind active and make it more efficient.

2 – Confront your senses with motivating challenges

According to the results of the study carried out at Havard University, it has been shown in a natural way that the more a person uses his senses during the learning process, the more likely he is to retain a memory of what is learned. It must be said that this is an excellent way to sharpen your brain capacity.

The researchers used emotionally neutral images, but accompanied by a smell, and showed them to a group of test people. No details were given to enable them to remember what they had seen. A little later, a slew of images was presented to them, this time without the smells. The group then had to identify those they had seen before.

The observation made immediately after is that the people who took part in this experiment remembered very well all the images associated with smells, mainly those paired with pleasant smells. To tell you more, know that brain imaging results showed that the piriform cortex activated each time the subjects saw objects related to odors they had smelled before.

3 – Speak out loud

Basically, to sharpen your mind, one of the simplest activities that is recommended to do every day is to speak out loud. Indeed, hearing your own words audibly, like repeating them, makes them easier for the brain to pick up. Besides, note that the trick works best when you have just learned something.

For example, you will notice that when meeting a new person, the simple fact of repeating their first name several times during the first conversation with them makes it possible to associate their face and their name. Thus, it becomes easier and automatic to remember her and her name during the next encounters.

4 – Break down information

Another of the best ways to optimize the capacities of the brain, in order to regain its alertness, consists in breaking down a piece of information into several pieces. Such a process helps to retain everything more easily. For example, for a telephone number, there is little chance of remembering it if it is considered as a 10-digit number.

On the other hand, to remember a phone number much more easily (this also works with other data), it is advisable to break it down into several parts. Referring to the Havard study, there is a higher chance of memorizing said number and remembering it by heart if you use this method.

5 – Link the new information to the old

Make an effort to establish links between new information and those already existing in his brain constitutes a very effective trick. To tell you the truth, the principle of the method works like building blocks that fit together in order to strengthen the mind and memory.

When the different data are linked together, the probability that they become strong and unbreakable in the mind is greater. Also, the brain is more likely to remember old information as well as new information.

6 – Perform tasks with the least used hand

Although it may seem trivial, performing certain tasks with the opposite hand is an excellent trick that can effectively strengthen the brain, again according to research carried out at Havard University. This trick pushes our brain to surpass itself more, which makes it even more active, and therefore more dynamic.

Trying to brush your teeth, write, eat with your left hand if you are right-handed, and vice versa, are all interesting possibilities to test this solution. In truth, this kind of exercise causes the mind to make many different connections. In addition, it prevents the deterioration of certain cognitive functions associated with advancing age.

7 – Cultivate a social life

As trivial as it may seem, know that the fact of: meet people and experience social interactions every day; represents an excellent way of life for the brain. Quite the opposite if you lead a life of social isolation. It is also such a sad way of life that generally leads to depression in many people.

On the one hand, let’s admit that meetings are great opportunities to have conversations as well as healthy debates, to learn new facts and to confront one’s opinions with those of others. In short, cultivating a social life is therefore just as good a trick for strengthening your brain, and recommended by the same Havard study.

Article inspired by a Media Mashable india post and some related research.

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