Discovery of another impact that may have contributed to the extinction of the dinosaurs!

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Discovery of another impact that may have contributed to the extinction of the dinosaurs!

The story holds that the age of dinosaurs suffered extinction as a result of colliding with a giant celestial body. Recent studies by researchers at Heriot-Watt University suggest the opposite, however, sincea second impact seems to have been found. According to the data collected, the cosmic stone at the base of said collision would be the same age as the first asteroid that hit the dinosaurs.

Meteorite impact killing dinosaurs

The crater is located about 400 kilometers off the coast of Guinea, more precisely in West Africa. It lies about 300 meters underwater, with a diameter of about 8.5 kilometers. However, pending confirmation, researchers are careful not to link the activities of the asteroid with the one that exterminated the dinosaurs.

Uisdean Nicholson, professor at theHeriot-Watt University, Edinburgh in the UK was one of the key players behind the discovery. In addition, some details of the investigations carried out have been revealed to the BBC News.

The asteroid behind the impact spawned destructive phenomena

The researchers named the impact trace “Nadir Crater”. According to their investigations, the asteroid behind this cavity is approximately five hundred (500) meters in diameter. With this wingspan, the Space Stone would have generated a mile-high tsunami as well as a 6.5 magnitude earthquake at least.

By comparison, the first cosmic rock that wiped out the dinosaurs measured about 12 km wide. Its impact therefore caused tremors of unprecedented magnitude, tsunamis and firestorms around the world. Under these conditions, the survival of living beings of that time was not assured.

To faithfully trace the story behind the extinction of the dinosaurs

To confirm their theories, the researchers wanted to understand in parallel the phases of climate change that took place in the past. In addition, the set of studies conducted has been called earth ultrasound ».

In order to lift the veil on doubts, samples are taken from the last crater. The analysis of the information collected will make it possible to confirm that it is indeed a question ofan asteroid impact or not. If so, researchers will likely be able to accurately trace the story behind the extinction of the dinosaurs.

SOURCE: indiatimes

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