MediaTek officially announces the stunning Pentonic 700, a processor designed specifically for 4K TVs

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MediaTek officially announces the stunning Pentonic 700, a processor designed specifically for 4K TVs

Earlier in the week, the Taiwanese semiconductor company unveiled its T830 chipset, which is intended for routers and mobile Wi-Fi devices. Yesterday, it was the turn of 4K televisions to be entitled to their own announcement.

Credit – MediaTek

Indeed, the company unveiled on August 19 its new Pentonic 700 processor which is designed for high-end smart TVs. It incorporates a number of smart technologies that significantly improve the image quality on this type of devices.

The Pentonic 700 unveiled a year after the Pentonic 2000

During the past year, MediaTek had officially launched its Pentonic 2000 processor intended for 8K televisions. A year later, it was therefore the turn of the little brother to be officially announced by Mediatek.

So, it appears that the newcomer which goes by the name of Pentonic 700 is capable of supporting video resolution up to 4K with refresh rate also up to 144Hz. It has many features like Dolby Vision IQ , MEMC and HDR10+. The chipset also incorporates options to improve image quality using AI. Where its built-in APU supports technologies like AI Super Resolution, AI-Picture Quality, and MediaTek’s AI-PQ Object Recognition.

Alex Chen, General Manager of MediaTek’s TV business unit didn’t miss the chance to praise the new product of the company he represents. In a press release, he said: “Smart TV brands can rely on the Pentonic 700 to deliver incredible experiences whether consumers are watching videos or sports, gaming or using their TV as a control center. for their other smart devices.


Other features of the MediaTek Pentonic 700

The new chipset from the Taiwanese manufacturer features HDM 2.1’s Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM) which reduces display lag. Which provides a smoother gaming experience. The processor also supports 4K 144Hz variable refresh rate (VRR).

According to information given by MediaTek, the Pentonic 700 has picture-in-picture (PbP) and picture-in-picture (PiP) modes. Two options that are essential today when a user wants to watch a live sporting event or chat by video while having the possibility of doing other tasks on his television.

Finally, it should be noted that the Pentonic 700 is a processor that is also capable of supporting WiFi-6 connectivity, the upcoming WiFi-7 and Bluetooth 5.0. To have the first smart TVs powered by MediaTek’s new chipset, we’ll have to wait for the fourth this year.

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