Royal Caribbean ships will soon be able to access the internet via Starlink

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Royal Caribbean ships will soon be able to access the internet via Starlink

SpaceX’s Starlink just won a new big customer. The cruise giant, Royal Caribbeanannounced that the ships in its fleet would have access to the company’s high-speed satellite internet service by Elon Musk.

According to information, the satellite dishes that will be used have been designed to provide “a better onboard experience for passengers and crew across the fleet”. They will be installed on ships Royal Caribbean International, Silversea Cruises and Celebrity Cruises.

Starlink on Royal Caribbean ships
Credits Royal Caribbean Group

A special offer for boats

Earlier this year, SpaceX unveiled an offer specially dedicated to boats. Her name is Starlink Maritime and costs a little less than 5,000 euros per month, not counting the purchase of the equipment which is worth around 9,989 euros. The throughput for this maritime offer is 350Mbps.

In comparison, the price of standard Starlink equipment is 598 euros, and you have to pay a little less than 110 euros per month to have a connection with a speed between 50 and 250 Mbps. For the premium offer, it’s 499 euros per month for a debit of 500Mbps.

A stronger connection on the high seas

On Royal Caribbean’s blog, we can read that the company carried out tests of the connection provided by Starlink earlier this year. It is known that cruise line ships offer two types of Internet offers which are “Voom Surf” and “Voom Surf & Streaming”. The use of Starlink will thus represent improvement of these offersand it will pay off.

During testing, testers were able to observe decent download and upload speeds. They were able to watch videos on YouTube and on Netflix “without lag or buffering”. Given the connection on boats which is generally poor, this is a significant improvement.

During testing, results are generally good, but speeds may change when the offer is released. This will depend on the number of paying users and the number of dishes installed on the ships, knowing that Royal Caribbean ships can carry several hundred up to 7,000 passengers.

SOURCE: Engadget

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