Worrying data leak at a missile manufacturer

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NATO is currently investigating documents for sale on Russian and English forums. It is not a simple data leak. Criminals are selling classified military documents including schematics of some weapons currently in use in Ukraine.

Part of the information comes from the manufacturer of missile MBDA, headquartered in France. The BBC was able to obtain a sample of the documents, approximately 50 megabytes out of a total of 80 gigabytes. It contains the detailed diagram of a missile surface to air, the Camm Land Ceptoras well as several documents classified “Nato Secret”, the second highest classification of four levels.

A suspected MBDA supplier

MBDA has indicated that it is cooperating with Italian authorities regarding a theft of data from a Hard disk compromised external. However, the company claims that the stolen documents are not classified, and that those who fled are not from MBDA. NATO’s investigation would target, among other things, one of MBDA’s suppliers.

The data includes, in particular, classified information about employees of companies that participated in the development of closed military projects » as well as the « design documentation, drawings, presentations, videos and photos, contractual agreements and correspondence with other companies “. Most of the documents date from 2017 to 2020. The set is currently offered for the modest sum of 15 bitcoins, currently 20,280 euros, and has already been purchased at least once.

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