Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 undergoes JerryRigEverything’s durability test

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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 undergoes JerryRigEverything’s durability test

the Galaxy Z Fold 4already available on the market, has passed the famous jerryrigeverything durability test. Good news, the book format terminal has survived despite some after-effects on the screen.

There are some who like to test performance, others who are interested in photographic quality, and there is the zack nelson which is responsible for checking the physical resistance of a smartphone. Last year the Galaxy Z Fold 3 suffered the durability test from the YouTuber. He got away with it unscathed.

Lately it’s Galaxy Z Fold 4 which passed through Zack’s hands.

Resistance and durability tests

We remember that the Korean manufacturer had described its foldable Z Fold 4 as an incredible product built to last. This argument seems to have been justified by Zack Nelson’s Durability Testpublished on August 29 on the channel JerryRigEverything. Like its predecessor, the Z Fold 3the Z Fold 4 held out until the end of the test. The smartphone was subjected to 4 tests.

The YouTuber begins at the level of the screens and the chassis by making scratches using metal points, a cutter and a fingernail. It seems that these parts have the same resistance as those of the Z Fold 3.

An apparently resistant smartphone

Afterwards, he pours a handful of dust on the interior screen and folds the smartphone. No grain has managed to penetrate the hinge. The device still works. Then comes the fire test where the inner screen is subjected to the flame of a lighter. After 10 seconds, a black trace appears and does not disappear. The outer screen was much tougher and lasted 16 seconds before leaving a mark. Finally, Zack performs the bend test. This test consists of strongly bending the device to see its degree of resistance to bending. Whether in folded or unfolded mode, the smartphone did not present any breaks or cracks.

An expensive price

the Galaxy Z Fold 4 seduced above all by the fact that it is a smartphone of 6.2 inches that can be transformed into a tablet of 7.6 inches. Not to mention its boosted performance thanks to the premium processor Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1the last of Qualcomm. In addition, it offers an excellent photographic service with its main module of 50 MP. All these qualities at a price: 1799 euros !

For those who already use the Galaxy Z Fold 4, be aware that despite the great resistance of the screen, it can still be subject to a problem. The manufacturer has thus reduced the cost of repairing the slab to $29. However, this offer is reserved for subscribers to the service. Care More from Samsungwhich cost $8-11 per month.

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