10 reliable tips for protecting yourself against blue light from screens

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10 reliable tips for protecting yourself against blue light from screens

In the space of a few decades, computers, smartphones, game consoles and many other electronic gadgets have become ubiquitous in everyday life. Almost everyone uses it and it is now quite complex to part with it, even for short periods.

Nevertheless, if these technological prowess undeniably have great utility and many advantages, they are not without risks. The blue light of the screens of these devices, for example, is harmful to the eyes, the skin and health in general.

The dangers of blue light from screens
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She creates sleep disorders, accelerated aging of skin tissue, eye pathologies, reduced quality of life, etc. However, certain indications allow fortunately to avoid these evils. Here is 10 tips for good protect yourself from blue light screens !

1. Reduce time spent on screens

Screens are the main sources of blue light. The first step to take to reduce their impacts is to limit the time spent in front of these gadgets electronics.

According to a Nielsen study conducted in the United States in 2018, the average adult spends about 11 hours in front of a screen per day. In 2020, at the request of Vision Directanother study conducted in this context was carried out.

She revealed that an average adult spends at least 34 years of his life staring at screens. It is well known that we spend a lot of time exposed to blue light.

However, it suffices to 2 hours passed in front of these devices so that the rate of production of melatonin (a hormone that promotes sleep) is reduced by 22%.

You should therefore spend less time in front of your screens to protect yourself. Ideally, leave your computer, tablet or television 1:30 a.m. at least before going to bed.

2. Adjust screen brightness

Today, many people find it hard to imagine spending time away from their screens. It is all the more complex to do so when its devices are its work tools. The digital business professionals for example necessarily need a computer or smartphones to work.

However, if you do not reduce your exposure time to blue light, you can adjust the brightness of the screens and adapt them to the ambient light. These gestures generally make it possible to relieve the eyes and to be better concentrated.

Ideally, the screen should be at least as clear as the room. Computer and smartphone models generally include options for calibrating brightness and contrast. The most modern devices can also make these adjustments automatically to optimize comfort.

3. Take regular breaks

Staring at a screen for long hours increases the risk of fatigue and dry eyes. It is therefore recommended to take regular breaks. This rule is also supported by many doctors specializing in optometry.

They urge to take short breaks 20 seconds every 20 minutes by fixing an object placed at 20 feet. This exercise offers many benefits. In particular, it allowsavoid computer vision syndrome known as SVI. The eyes have time to rest with these gestures.

4. Use suitable eyeglass frames

You can use suitable pairs of glasses to protect yourself from the effects of blue light from screens. They generally act as protective barriers.

Some glasses are also specially equipped with blue light blocking glasses. These are rest glasses, computer glasses or anti-fatigue glasses.

The dangers of blue light from screens
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However, although these mounts generally have no restrictions, it is advisable to seek expert advice. As for the price, plan on average between 35 and 50 euros.

5. Practice palming

Palming is a practice that helps relieve accumulated tension. Its objective is to relax the eyes and of reinvigorate them. More specifically, palming involves shielding the eyes from blue light with the palms of the hands.

This relaxation technique requires placing both hands in a cup in front of each eye, taking care not to let in any light. The darkness must be total so that the eyes can recover. Practice palming for about 30 seconds. You can maintain this gesture for much longer: up to 20 minutes.

This technique advocated by the ophthalmologist Dr. BATES is the basic method to improve your vision and rehabilitate his eyes. Indeed, everyone can try it: both people who have excellent vision and those who suffer from eye problems.

6. Eye gymnastics to protect against blue light from computer screens

Eye gymnastics is an excellent option to protect yourself from blue light from screens. She allows to tone and relax the muscles around the eyes to benefit from better visual comfort. This practice offers the choice between various specially designed exercises. We distinguish in particular:

  • The infinity sign;
  • The pencil sign;
  • The white line.

the infinity sign consists of drawing an 8 lying with his eyes. To perform it, remain still and relaxed to perform the gesture in a fluid and slow movement without stopping. A set of five should be enough.

In addition, stop as soon as you feel that the muscles used are relaxed. the pencil sign and the White line are also very popular eye gymnastics activities.

7. Use LED bulbs

If you have to spend long hours in front of the screen of an electronic gadget, adopt appropriate equipment and materials. LED bulbs, for example, are effective in protecting your eyes. They do not emit the same level of blue light.

LED bulbs are much more recommended than CRT (cathode Ray tube) screens for both computers and smartphones.

They are also equipped with anti-reflective surface which increases visual comfort. Choose 3000 Kelvin lamps and those labeled warm white.

8. Equip your screens with an anti-blue light filter

To counter the effects of blue light, you can also equip your screens with a blue light filter. They are generally found in the form of adhesive filters to stick on.

Likewise, you can download dedicated apps for free. These filter software adjust the temperature of the screens:

  • In contrast;
  • In ambient light;
  • To the rhythm of blinking eyes;
  • At the time.

These programs can adapt to many other elements to provide an optimal experience.

9. Position yourself well

Posture is also a key factor in protecting against the effects of blue light. This aspect is important because the fact of stay in front of a computer screen for a long time requires immobilization of the body.

At this level, too, good arrangements must be made. Make sure you have ergonomic workstations. Similarly, place the screen at the right height and 50 or 70 cm from the eyes.

10. Natural tricks to strengthen your eyes

You can also protect yourself from the blue light of screens with natural tricks. It is particularly advisable to have a Healthy eating and adapted to protect his eyes.

Consume foods rich in vitamins A, C and E which are beneficial for the ocular system. Treatments that contain antioxidant active ingredients are also beneficial for eye health.

Here is 10 tips useful for protect yourself well from the blue light of screens computers, smartphones, televisions and many other devices!

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