According to NASA, Artemis 1 could still take off this week

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According to NASA, Artemis 1 could still take off this week

The mission Artemis 1 was to take off in the direction of Moon Monday, August 29. But what was to be the rocket’s maiden flight Space Launch System (SLS) must have been postponed due to the discovery of a problem at one of the RS-25 motors. The engineers of the NASA are in the process of finding solutions and we are waiting for the agency to publish the new departure date for the mission.

According to information, the next opportunity for the SLS rocket to take off will take place Friday, September 2 next. In relation to this, NASA officials have indicated that they are not giving up hope of being able to lift off this week.

Artemis 1 on August 29, 2022
Credits NASA/Joel Kowsky

Mike Sarafin, Missions Manager for the Artemis Programsaid during a press conference that friday was definitely considered to launch. He added, however, that they needed some time to analyze all the data.

The problem occurred

During the press conference, NASA officials provided some details regarding the failure that caused the delay of the launch of Artemis 1. They indicated that there had been an anomaly concerning the temperature of one of the RS-25 motorsthe one designated as engine number 3.

The technical team was unable to bring the engine temperature down to -250° C before takeoff. It is however a necessary process to avoid a shock when the engine starts to burn the cryogenic fuels.

Sarafin, however, mentioned good news. According to him, there is no problem with the engine itself. The failure occurred at the level of the discharge system which thermally conditions the engines with fuel at very low temperatures.

A new rocket

Sarafin said at the press conference that the team will start analyzing the data in depth and discussing what happens next from August 30. He also praised the Artemis 1 team for resolving other issues on launch day. Among other things, there was a hydrogen leak during the filling of the tanks.

Sarafin pointed out that reports like this are common when preparing a new rocket for its first flight. NASA Administrator Bill Nelson shares this sentiment. He said it was a brand new rocket, and it won’t fly until it’s ready. He reminded viewers that the space shuttle flight he traveled on had to be canceled 4 times before taking off.

In any case, let’s wait for the news to know when Artemis 1 will finally take off. If the rocket does not leave on Friday, the next opportunity will be on September 5. After that, the next window will only open on September 19.


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