Yamaha’s new version of drone can now carry up to 50 kg

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Yamaha’s new version of drone can now carry up to 50 kg

The drone represent the future of delivery, especially in remote areas where roads are difficult to navigate. To be able to meet the demands of freight transport, many companies are developing drones reliable enough to carry out deliveries by air. The Japanese company Yamaha is one of these companies, and it has just unveiled a upgraded version of its Fazer R G2 unmanned helicopter.

Yamaha has increased the thrust the engine can produce, and the device can also carry a heavier load of up to 50 kg. With these new features, the Fazer R G2 is better suited to cargo delivery missions.

Fazer R G2 Delivery Model
Yamaha Credits

The company hopes that the drone will, among other things, reduce labor costs and construction times.

Improvements made by Yamaha

Over the years, Yamaha has already produced many iterations of its unmanned helicopter. For example, there was the R-Bat jointly developed with Northrop Grummanor the Fazer R G2 dedicated to agriculture.

As for the newly presented version, it is the improved Fazer R G2 model. The newcomer is known as Fazer R G2 Delivery Model. The device is equipped a redesigned and larger main rotor which is 1.8m long. On the old version, the rotor had a length of 1.56 m.

This new rotor design allows the helicopter to generate higher thrust. The device also uses a lighter camera system and a less massive battery. The fuel tank capacity has also been optimized, allowing the drone to carry up to 50 kg, compared to 35 kg for the previous version.

According to Yamaha, if we do the math, the drone will be able to carry a ton of material in just 20 trips. The old version did it in 29 trips.

Obvious advantages

With such characteristics, the Fazer R G2 Delivery Model has many advantages depending on the use made of it. For example, on a construction site, the helicopter will save time and reduce labor costs. And of course, the drone will be very practical for making deliveries in landlocked areas such as the mountains.

With technology constantly advancing, we can expect the drones of the future to be able to carry even heavier payloads.

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