The next Android will allow satellite calls

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[EN VIDÉO] How many satellites revolve around the Earth?
2,787 satellites were operational as of December 31, 2020 according to the UCS (Union of Concerned Scientists) association, more than half of which were launched by the United States. Three quarters of the satellites in operation revolve in low orbit (between 500 and 2,000 km altitude), and are used for telecommunications systems, terrestrial imaging or meteorology.

Filling the white areas of the Planet for the mobile telephonythis is the objective that have been set SpaceX and operator T-Mobile. We have already seen in practice that this works, especially in Ukraine, when mobile phone antennas are destroyed. But in the future it may be possible to do without a satellite receiving station, because android wants to integrate support for satellite connections directly into its operating system.

This information comes from Hiroshi Lockheimer, the senior vice president of mobile OS. In a tweet, he mentions a next version of Android, but it is not yet the Android 13 version which has just been distributed on smartphones pixel of the brand.

The end of the white zones

This faculty should therefore land directly in Android 14. This new version of Android should arrive at the end of 2023. He also explains that this satellite connection will improve the debits. It should therefore be possible to make calls and send messages from anywhere on the planet without the need to invest in a satellite phone. The ability to use a smartphone via a satellite connection will be integrated on all smartphones. Same Apple should implant it in his next iPhone 14 which should be presented tomorrow during the back-to-school keynote. This announcement and the arrival of compatible smartphones could well mark the beginning of the end for satellite phones.

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