iPhone 14, Apple Watch Ultra… What are the real Apple novelties?

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Last night, during its traditional keynote, Apple unveiled its novelties. On the program, a renewal of the range for iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods. The biggest novelties were based on watches and iPhone.

In its eighth version, no aesthetic revolution for the Apple Watch. She essentially barks herself with sensors including two temperature sensors surprising to say the least: one on the dial and the other under the watch. The difference between the two makes it possible to refine the accuracy of the reading of body temperature. In addition to being able to detect an outbreak of fever, this temperature measurement is of interest to women. It detects periods ofovulation. Statements are encrypted to protect this sensitive data.

The other novelty is based on a accelerometer which gains precision. Its advantage is the detection of falls and accidents of car. It is associated with the microphone, the GPS, the barometer and at a dose ofAI for this function that you don’t want to use. The Apple Watch Series 8 capped at 18 hours autonomy level, it should now double this capacity with a saving modeenergy.

But the real novelty is the arrival of the Apple Watch Ultra. A watch designed for extreme conditions with a price that is just as extreme. Sold for 999 euros, this one consists of a case in titanium 49 mm, with a sapphire crystal covering a very bright screen. For the more adventurous, it includes a compass and an improved GPS. The SE version also returns with its lower price (from 299 euros with the 40 mm dial). It also integrates the sensors of the Apple Watch Series 8.

With its titanium shell, sapphire crystal, improved GPS and compass, the Apple Watch Ultra is the ultimate watch for backpackers who can afford… © Apple

All about the iPhone 14 Pro

The Iphone comes back in three versions instead of four. The mini disappears and, apart from a more powerful chip and optics that take the light, we can not say that the iPhone 14 is revolutionary. The concentrate of developments is on the Pro version of the phone. It is once the screen is on that we discover the first great novelty. The notch to selfies disappears. In reality, she’s hiding in a nifty little virtual space called Dynamic Island. A kind of black horizontal pill placed at the top of the screen and whose size and contents evolve according to theapplication employee.

On the iPhone 14 Pro, the notch is now hidden in a virtual pill on a black background and whose dimensions and content differ depending on the application used.  © Apple

Another unprecedented novelty is the arrival of a 48-megapixel photo module associated with a 12-megapixel ultra-wide-angle sensor. The processing has also been improved and exploits the quad-pixel capacity of the main sensor to take good shots in the penumbra. As with its new watch, Apple is betting on security with two features: the ability to make emergency calls via satellite in white areas and also an accelerometer capable of precisely identifying an accident to call for help more quickly. This Pro version is available in XL with an iPhone Pro Max. There remains the price … We were used to the premium prices of the brand, but on this vintage, they go up a notch, since even the iPhone 14 costs at least 1,019 euros. As for the pro version, it starts at 1,329 euros.

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