This study confirms that the human body purifies the air around it

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This study confirms that the human body purifies the air around it

A new study has shown that the human body generates of the “oxidation fields” when he is in a room. The oxidation fields in question participate in theelimination of certain pollutants in the air. Concretely, they react with the ozone (air pollutant) which infiltrates from outside. The reaction between these two elements generates hydroxyl radicals (oh) who carry out chemical cleaning.

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Outside it is the rain or interaction UV rays with ozone and water vapor causing oxidation which eliminates pollutants. As with humans, the reaction involving UV also produces OH radicals. Being extremely reactive, they almost instantaneously oxidize other molecules.

The scientists who conducted the study published the results in the journal Science September 1, 2022.

The impact of oxidation fields

During their experiments, the team noticed an interesting fact. Under certain conditions, the level of OH radicals indoors could rival that outdoors during the day. In other words, theoxidation caused by the human body is not negligible.

Before this study, the researchers already knew that oxidation reactions take place indoors. However, they have just discovered that, in some cases, humans are the main source. Therefore, the oxidation fields of men have a impact on air quality as well as about health people in a room.

For scientists, understanding this oxidation process is important. For good reason, various everyday chemicals can interact with this phenomenon. Their reaction can then lead to the elimination of pollutants or, on the contrary, cause respiratory tract irritation.

How does the body generate these oxidation fields?

During their work, the scientists worked with three groups of four individuals. For the experiments, the groups were placed in a climate-controlled room. In this room, the team set the ozone levels to the maximum amount usually found indoors.

In addition, the researchers recorded the values ​​of the OH radicals before and after the participants passed. They took care to do the same when the room was ozone-free.

Thus, the study authors found that oxidation fields are formed as a result of reaction of ozone with skin lipids. Squalene, which represents about 10% of these lipids, is an example.


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