AMD is moving towards a change in the naming scheme of its future processors

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AMD is moving towards a change in the naming scheme of its future processors

AMD, the American manufacturer of microprocessors has just announced its intention to adopt a new way of naming its chips. This change will come into effect in 2023 and will affect new processors Ryzen-Mobile.

AMD announced that it will use a new classification method for its new processors. According to the manufacturer, this new scheme will be adopted from the series Ryzen 7000 Mobile which will be released in 2023. According to the words of Robert Hallock, director of the technical marketing department of AMD, the scheme currently used is insufficient. This is why the new naming system will be more informative. Thus, users will be able to decode the capabilities of a chip themselves simply from the model number. The new nomenclature will be useful for describing new mobile processors, such as the upcoming extreme gaming processor Dragon Range expected next year.

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With the announcement of this new naming scheme, AMD also showed a preview of his upcoming roadmap for the Ryzen family.

Decryption of the new nomenclature

To facilitate the understanding of the new nomenclature, AMD has taken as an example the Ryzen 5 7640U (not released yet). It is the set of five characters “7640U” which will mainly provide the information. The first number refers to the year of release, which is here 2023the sum of which gives 7.

The second digit, i.e. the 6, is what the manufacturer calls ” market segment “. It is a score between 1 and 9. 1 for the lowest level and 9 for the most powerful. series processors Athlon Silver will be numbered 1, against 2 for processors Athlon Gold3 and 4 for processors Ryzen 35 and 6 for processors Ryzen 57 and 8 for processors Ryzen 7while the processors Ryzen 9 will take number 9.

The third number indicates the architecture: 1 for Zen 1, 2 for Zen 2, 3 for Zen 3 and so on.

The fourth digit which is called ” feature isolation helps distinguish between different varieties of chips that have the same architecture. The slowest chips in a market segment will be rated 0, and the fastest 5.

The suffix remains the indication of the TDP, with 55W for HX, 35W for HS, 15-28W for U (or C for Chromebooks) and 9W for the e series.

A strategy already adopted by other manufacturers

This initiative ofAMD of changing the nomenclature of its chips seems to go in the opposite direction to that taken by Qualcomm. Indeed, the latter decided to switch to a one-digit serial and generation number. Previously, it used to baptize its chips with names followed by three digits that indicated power, generation and minor updates. At the house of Intelit will be remembered that the last revision of nomenclatures concerned the ” Core m ” which was changed to “ Core i in 2016.

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