Nemo, the individual submarine breaks its prices

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The market for submersible personal undergoes a small revolution. Even if we are still far from a device accessible to all budgets, the Dutch manufacturer U-Boat Work has just announced a big price drop for its nemo submarine. The device was launched in 2020 for almost a million euros, but only started to be available last year. Thanks to the increase in production, the manufacturer was able to cut its prices almost in half.

The Nemo exists in two versions. The Nemo 2, a submersible two-seater, is now sold for 590,000 euros. U-Boat Work also offers the Nemo 1 for solo exploration at 545,000 euros. It’s a real bargain in a market where prices are generally positioned from the million.

Victim of its success, the two-seater Nemo submersible, which can reach 100 meters deep, is on sale, thanks to record sales. © uboatworx

A submarine planned to reach 100 meters deep

This submarine can reach a depth of 100 meters, and has an autonomy of eight hours. Both versions have a cockpit in the form of a bubble to better see the seabedand can reach a speed of three knots (5.5 km/h). The Nemo 1 weighs 2.100 kgwhile the Nemo 2 weighs 2,500 kg.

The Nemo is designed to be launched from his personal yacht since many buyers are wealthy enough to be fitted with one. It can also be launched from the shore or a boat launch. Buyers will be able to take a two-week pilot training course on the island of Curacao, off the coast of Venezuela.

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