A robot that can do a manicure in 10 minutes

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A robot that can do a manicure in 10 minutes

The robots are not only intended for large industries or for scientific research. These machines, which aim to make life easier for humans, are also found in sectors close to the general public. For example, at UNITED STATESthere now exists a robot capable of doing a manicure in just 10 minutes.

This nail beauty specialist robot is called clockwork. For its builder, its goal is to “liberate” people who have to go through a manicure session, a task that costs time and money. Today, six Target outlets already offer their customers to have their nails done by the robot, for the modest sum of €7.9.

The clockwork robot
Clockwork Credits

On the Clockwork website, we can read: “The first robotic manicure for unstoppable humans”. “No slippage. No slowdown. No chatter”.

How it works ?

According to the information, the robot uses a Artificial Intelligence (AI) and 3D scanning technology to determine the size and shape of the client’s nails. This step is carried out before the installation of the nail polish and the shaping of the nails according to the desire of the latter.

According to a statement from the company behind this robot, their AI can identify the edges of the nail with an accuracy of 0.3 mm. She will tell the robot which part is the skin and which part is the nail. This information is then sent to the sophisticated algorithm which will determine the movements of the beak.

A risk for those working in the sector

It’s always good news to hear about advances in technology. However, the advent of this robot could have a negative impact on the nail care industry.

In the United States, this sector is part of an industry worth around one billion euros. It supports thousands of people, and in 2018 there were nearly 395,600 nail specialists and 56,000 individual salons.

On the other hand, the nail care sector is not completely clean since workers are constantly exposed to very high levels of toxins. Thus, robots could be a solution, but the transition should be smooth to ensure a future for workers.

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