Apple Watch Series 8 now tracks ovulation periods

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Apple Watch Series 8 now tracks ovulation periods

The Apple Watch Series 8 will give female users a better estimate of when they will ovulate. This will be done through the two sensors on the device which will collect women’s body temperature using the built-in menstrual cycle tracker app.

The temperature will be taken every five seconds during the night. This should allow for better tracking of ovulation as body temperature changes throughout the menstrual cycle and thus increases in response to ovulation. It will also flag abnormal menstrual symptoms to try to prevent health issues like fibroids or polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), according to Apple VP of Health Sumbul Desai at the launch event. .

Apple’s new cycle tracking features

Apparently it is a tool to help women who are trying to get pregnant. Indeed, according to Desai: If you are trying to conceive, knowing if and when you ovulated can inform your family planning with your health care provider “. In addition, there is no longer any need to manually take the temperature to predict the best time to get pregnant. Apple Watch would automatically do this for you.

But since the Supreme Court ended federal abortion protections, Apple has added cycle-tracking features. The Verge says that, theoretically, these can be used to find out if someone is or has been pregnant. According to experts, there is a risk of data being used as evidence against a person suspected of having an abortion. But Desai assures that: Your health data is yours and yours alone “.

The limits of Apple’s functionality

This kind of temperature-based cycle tracking is usually used to prevent pregnancy. It is doable but it is difficult to perform and inappropriate for women with irregular cycles. Regarding Apple’s feature, it cannot be sold as a means to prevent pregnancy because it has not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as birth control.

However, the Natural Cycles app, which is a similar app, has received clearance to be marketed as birth control. Not to mention, she was also cleared by the FDA to use information from wearable devices to make her predictions.


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