Project Cambria will steal the show from the Oculus Quest 2

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Project Cambria will steal the show from the Oculus Quest 2

The Oculus Quest 2 will soon lose its place as Meta’s best headset. Indeed, Mark Zuckerberg announced months ago that “Project Cambria” would officially launch this year. And 2022 will soon be coming to an end so there are only a few months left before we discover the next generation of headphones from Meta. It should be remembered that this project is intended to be Meta’s premium line of VR headsets, which will make it a direct competitor to the Apple VR headset.

During an appearance on Joe Rogan Experience, the CEO of Meta said that the company’s next VR headset will land in October, although he didn’t specify that it was “Project Cambria”. Regarding the name of this one, the leaks indicate that Meta will baptize the VR headset “Meta Quest Pro”, which is more pleasant to pronounce.

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All about “Project Cambria”

According to the many rumors about the “Project Cambria”, it will pack mixed reality functions superior to those of the Oculus Quest 2. In the sense that it will probably have at least 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of storage. It could also be getting a CPU boost, with a new processor likely to come from Meta’s partner Qualcomm.

The Meta Quest Pro will have several cameras with a definition three times greater than that of the Quest 2. That’s not all! This new headset is expected to incorporate two mini LED screens that will likely offer a 120Hz refresh rate. It also came with eye and face tracking to enhance its experiences. This system will make Meta’s VR avatars more realistic.

What about the price?

Back in May, we got wind of the likely launch prices for the Meta Quest Pro. Meta’s internal roadmap said these upcoming VR headsets will cost $799 (806.63 euros) and $1,125 (1,135.52 euros). Which is twice the price of the Oculus Quest 2.

Additionally, due to supply issues currently plaguing several technology companies, the price of the Meta Quest Pro may exceed these estimates.


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