The clear call, the new feature in the testing phase of Google

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The clear call, the new feature in the testing phase of Google

The Android 13 beta is currently available. In this version, a new feature is introduced. This is a “clear call”, which has the role of reducing background noise during calls. Thus, these calls can take place in the best possible conditions.

In order to offer innovative products to its users, Google continues to offer devices to make the use of its products more pleasant. The reduction of background noise in the new version of Android is one of the firm’s experiments.

What are the characteristics of “Clear Call”?

The new feature was first spotted by Mishaal Rahman on Twitter. He later shared the instructions for activating it on your own. In order to help his fellows, the latter did not hesitate to show the tricks and gave a little more details about it.

According to the images he shared, the new feature is available on the majority of mobile networks. However, it is not when connected to Wi-Fi. So when making calls over Wi-Fi, Clear Call will not filter out background noise. The other benefit of this feature is anonymity. Indeed, the content of your calls will not be sent to Google.

Other innovations at Google

Google has developed various tools to improve noise management during phone calls in recent times. The firm has also deployed anti-noise as well as custom 6-core audio chips. Also, thanks to artificial intelligence, background noise has been removed. As a result, you no longer have to listen to keyboard clicks or dogs barking in Google Meet. A recent product can also actively suppress noise. These are the Pixel Buds Pro, headphones costing just over 199 euros.

Regarding these first headphones from Google, a noise cancellation technology enthusiast, Chris Welch, had contacted the ANC. According to him, for a first production, Google was competent. Still according to him, the Pixel Buds Pro are up to the competition. However, the firm is not yet ready to overthrow Sony or even Bose. He also wonders how Google intends to deal with old telephones.


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