Ukrainian astronomers spot UFOs in kyiv sky

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Ukrainian astronomers spot UFOs in kyiv sky

The Principal Astronomical Observatory of the National Academy of Sciences claims to have seen unidentified flying objects in Ukraine. Government agencies in charge of surveillance of Ukraine’s airspace have recently identified “Unidentified Aerial Phenomena” Where PSU. Indeed, the team of astronomers claims to have seen ten of these objects.

UFOs in Ukrainian skies
Credit: Live Science

The two meteorological stations in kyiv and Vinarivka have special cameras. Elserve them to monitor fast and inconspicuous objects in kyiv and other surrounding villages. Also, those who have seen it describe the objects as scientifically unknown phenomena.

By comparing the data from the two observatoriesresearchers identify two categories of UAVs.

They fly over the sky as a team or solo

The first category includes cosmic UAVs, bright bright objects in the sky. They soar the sky solo or in squads.

“We observe a significant number of objects whose nature is not clear, we see them everywhere.”

The second consists ofGhost UAVs, it consists of dark objects. They appear all black as if absorbing the light around them.

The researchers did not comment on the nature of the UFOs, they rather lean on the methods and calculations for the detection of these objects. They feel that the “ghosts” measure between 3 and 12 meters and can reach a speed of 53,000 km/h.

What if they were new military technologies?

Since Russia and Ukraine have been engaged in a war for months, this possibility cannot be ruled out. A US intelligence agency speculated on this. They think these UFOs are military tools too stealthy to be identified.

So far no one is talking about the possibility of extraterrestrial visitors, either the Americans or the Ukrainians. The U.S. Directorate of National Intelligence or ODNI offers other explanations, including “air clutter”atmospheric phenomena like ice crystals or classified government projects. But it still seems very uncertain.

A new craze for UFOs

Since the leak of a video taken by US Navy planes in 2017, US renews interest in UFO research. Aircraft are seen moving in inconceivable ways in these videos. Furthermore, there are more UFO encounter footage. However, the Ministry of Defense will not publish it for national security reasons.

Earlier this year, Congress approved the opening of a new office devoted to US military UFO sighting reports. The Ukrainians, through the Academy of Sciences, would like to contribute to this research.


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