Antarctica is now served by the Starlink network

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Antarctica is now served by the Starlink network

As the satellites of star link are launched, the coverage of its network increases. Currently, Starlink is tackling one of the most remote regions in the world, Antarctica.

With its constellation of satellites, SpaceX has the objective of provide global internet connection, which will enable the most remote communities to benefit from a high-speed connection. Today, the company is carrying out tests at the McMurdo Stationa research center located in Antarctica, which is managed by USAP or United States Antarctic Program.

The McMurdo Research Center in Antarctica
Credits Peter Rejcek, Antarctic Photo Library

According to a publication by the US National Science Foundation posted on September 14, Starlink is currently testing a polar service with a newly deployed terminal at McMurdo Station. This service increases bandwidth and connectivity for scientific support.

SpaceX plans

So far, SpaceX has already been able to launch more than 3,200 Starlink satellites into low orbit. And the company will not stop there since the constellation will still grow. SpaceX already has obtained permission to launch 12,000 satellitesand the company has already submitted a request to an international regulator to obtain permission to launch another 30,000 Starlink elements.

In the years to come, Starlink will not only evolve in terms of numbers. Indeed, next year, SpaceX plans to start sending into orbit the second version of the satellites from Starlink. These new devices are larger and have greater capacities than current satellites.

According to Elon Musk, these next-generation satellites will be able to deliver internet service directly to smartphones. Last month, Musk announced that SpaceX and T-Mobile had signed an agreement to make this possible. This project is called Coverage Above and Beyond.

SpaceX needs Starlink

Apart from Starlink’s objective to connect the world through the Internet, this project is also necessary to be able to achieve SpaceX’s long-term goals. According to Musk, the income obtained thanks to Starlink will make it possible to finance the development of Starship. The latter is the company’s new vessel which will be used to transport astronauts to the Moon, but also to Mars.

When it enters service, the Starship will also be responsible for launching Starlink’s second-generation satellites into orbit.


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