Now reviews on Play Store will change depending on your device

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Now reviews on Play Store will change depending on your device

A Twitter user named Mishaal Rahman has noticed that Google app ratings on Play Store have received a change. Indeed, Play Store reviews are now based on the types of devices used. This was confirmed by Google and was later announced in a message to app developers on Play Store.

This comes more than a year after Google announced the change. Indeed, the tech giant originally talked about its plans in August 2021 and the change should have happened earlier this year.

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Normally, you should see changes in the relevance of reviews appearing on your device today.

About the change in question

Now, when you go to the reviews section on the Play Store, you will be faced with a notification telling you that the ratings are verified and you are getting feedback from people who are using the same type of device as you.

In other words, if you’re using a foldable phone and you’re looking for reviews of the YouTube app, for example, you’ll get reviews from people who also use a foldable. Except that you will not have the same opinions if your device is an S22 for example.

Opinions will therefore differ depending on your device. They won’t be the same if you’re on a phone or tablet/foldable, just as they will be different if you’re on a Chromebook or other device.

Why make this kind of change?

This feature is gaining more and more importance as Android apps expand into more and more form factors. Indeed, any application depends on the device on which it is launched. An app running on Google’s upcoming Pixel tablet will certainly look different than on a Chromebook. So, if you install an app on your WearOS smartwatch, reviews on the mobile version of the app might not interest you.

There are still limits to this change made by Google. Mishaal Rahman noted in his blog that tablets and foldables have been lumped into the same category. The Verge says this isn’t really a real problem for most people, but in extreme cases it would make things weird.


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