Google and NASA want to use augmented reality to increase your knowledge of the solar system

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Google and NASA want to use augmented reality to increase your knowledge of the solar system

According to 9to5Google, Google and NASA have teamed up to inspire the next generation of space explorers. They would have a collection of 3D models ready for augmented reality including new historical annotations.

For a few years, Google has offered 3D models of many planets and moons in our solar system. You can even display them in your bedroom using the same augmented reality technology as Google’s 3D animals.

Credits: 9to5Google

Recently, Google has just added a new feature of annotations on 3D models of planets. Google Arts & Culture also made an announcement saying there will be a new online exhibit that will be done in collaboration with NASA.

The exhibition will be the result of the collaboration between Google and NASA

The exhibit will focus on one planet at a time, starting with Mercury and ending with Neptune. Along the way, there will be stops that showcase landmark achievements like the International Space Station.

It will be a very rewarding and exciting experience. On the Google Arts & Culture website, the experience is described as: ” A 3D Adventure in Our Cosmic Neighborhood with NASA “. People who can see this exhibition will thus have the chance to discover the solar system from top to bottom.

About the new annotations feature on 3D models of planets

This new feature will help inform people of historical facts about planets and human accomplishments in this area. When you go to Google Earth’s moon, you’ll see the Apollo 11 landing sites along with the Chang’e-4 in China. So, according to 9to5Google, when you search Google, “ you’ll be greeted with markers on iconic moments and established landmarks “.

This annotations feature works with Google’s planet models, biological diagrams, spaceship models, and more. Currently, it is only available when viewing 3D models via Google search in the web browser. But it will soon arrive in Android and iOS applications.


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