Scientists have found a simple way to reduce alcohol consumption, and it works!

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Scientists have found a simple way to reduce alcohol consumption, and it works!

Researchers have finally grasped the right strategy to reduce alcohol consumption. It is a question of highlighting the risks of diseases which result from it and to associate them with an action. The tests proved to be effective.

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According to the team behind the study conducted since 2021, messages related to “why reduce” and “how to reduce” can be useful in promoting the health of a population. Informing alone, according to them, is not enough. In other words, information must lead to action.

Alcohol is the cause of several sets of problems, not just cancer. In the list, there are heart diseases, premature death, digestive problems, etc.

Count glasses or set a number of drinks and stick to it

All of this we all know, but the question of ” How? ‘Or’ What “ is the most important. Therefore, scientists suggestassociate this information with the glass counts.

“We found that linking information about alcohol and cancer with a particular practical action, counting drinks, helped drinkers reduce their alcohol consumption.”

Simone Pettigrew, economist and psychologist at the George Institute for Global Health

Three sets of surveys were completed, 7,995 people responded to the first, 4,588 to the second and 2,687 at the third. It should be noted that these surveys were spaced out by three weeks each. The participants, divided into several groups, saw alcohol consumption messages and advertisements.

Over the six weeks, a combination allowed these people to significantly reduce their alcohol consumption. It’s a TV advertising talking about the link between cancer and alcohol, combined with the suggestion to count your drinks. Another approach is to encourage people to decide on a drink count and stick to it.

A message-based strategy

According to the WHO, 7% of premature death is due to alcohol and raising awareness remains the best way to remedy it. If we made alcohol less available and more expensive, it would be personal choices that would determine the evolution of behavior towards alcohol.

“Resources available for alcohol harm reduction campaigns are limited, so it’s important to determine which messages resonate best to ensure they have the best chance of working.”

Mr Pettigrew

The participants in this study were Australians chosen to symbolize those who drink. This means that this approach won’t necessarily work elsewhere. These results should therefore be taken with a grain of salt.


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