The Google Pixel Watch would embed dials from Google Photos

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The Google Pixel Watch would embed dials from Google Photos

News about the next Google Pixel Watch is growing. Among them is an announcement related to Google Photos watch faces for the Pixel Watch device. Indeed, 9to5Goole has spotted a hidden code in the Google Photos app for Android. The code in question reports support for adding images to the screen of a portable device.

The feature may well be introduced by Google alongside its Pixel Watch product. However, it will certainly not be exclusive to the smartwatch. Since features come and go all the time during application development, this can mean that this feature has a 50% chance of being a full feature and a 50% chance that it isn’t.

Google Photos

About Google Photos watch faces and the Pixel Watch

Thanks to the feature, you will have the option to select multiple photos and the smartwatch face will certainly cycle through the photos over the course of a day. 9to5Google says that “ Google Photos will put a cap on the number of photos that can be added for a watch face “. But the details of how it works aren’t entirely clear just yet.

Regarding the Pixel Watch, there have been several rumors about it since Google confirmed its existence. According to some rumors, it will be equipped with two “Chipsets” and its price will be lower than that of the Apple Watch. In any case, we will have the heart net when the device is unveiled on October 6th.

Google is catching up

Apple has for years incorporated the feature whereby each user has the power to select their favorite images and then display them afterwards on the small screen on their wrist. Google, with Wear OS for example, does not have this basic functionality. To be able to do such a thing, owners of Wear OS devices need to use a third-party app.

Although this feature is not really categorized as the most important of the smartwatch, it confirms that Google is indeed gradually catching up with its competitor, Apple. Not to mention that Google is taking steps to merge Fitbit and Google accounts. This will certainly help to reduce this gap.


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