Apple: The new AirPods display a personalized engraving

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Apple: The new AirPods display a personalized engraving

After being announced a few weeks ago, pre-orders of Apple’s second-generation AirPods Pro are now achievable. Indeed, these high-end wireless headphones are finally accessible to everyone.

People who have personalized their AirPods Pro with an engraving can now see the personalized design appear on the screen. Indeed, when they configure and pair the headphones with their iOS device, they will see the customizations made with the engraving. Even though this detail doesn’t add any special functionality, seeing your design appear on screen can be satisfying.

AirPods Pro
Credit: XDA

Features of Apple’s new AirPods Pro

This new model of AirPods Pro looks almost identical to the old model except for the case. The latter retains the same design as the old one, but has some minor changes. For example, the new models are equipped with a small speaker at the bottom. On the side you will find a lanyard hole. Also, if your device ever gets lost, you can use Exact Find to locate it.

It is important to specify that the loudspeaker of the case is not intended to broadcast music. Instead, it produces an alert sound when the case is lost or placed on a charger. As far as audio improvements are concerned, the new headphones are equipped with the new H2 chip. This chip contributes immensely to improved battery life and better active noise cancellation. Also, the controls are improved with a touchpad.

How to get these headphones?

If you want to get the new AirPods, know that they are available online. However, you can also find them in AppleStore stores or at the many distributors and retailers of the brand. For example, you can get them at Best Buy. The retail price of these AirPods is around 250 euros.

Buying your AirPods Pro from Apple’s online store gives you a huge advantage. Indeed, if you are not familiar with burning, Apple can offer you a free burning service. You will have a choice of emoji, letter and number combination engraving.


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