Samsung, a new wireless charger to accompany the Galaxy S23?

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Samsung, a new wireless charger to accompany the Galaxy S23?

the Samsung Galaxy S23 could benefit from a new type of wireless charger. At least that’s what a new report suggests.

The Galaxy S23 definitely won’t arrive until 2023. However, he has been talking about him for quite some time now. In all likelihood, it will come with more exciting features compared to the Galaxy S22. The hardware component should also be subject to a facelift. While Samsung has not yet revealed anything about the technical characteristics of its future flagship, leaks and rumors about it are becoming more and more frequent. The latest concerns the charger which is supposed to accompany the terminal. Apparently, the South Korean manufacturer reportedly working on a new wireless charging pad which could debut with the Galaxy S23.

The Trio Pad can charge three devices at the same time – Samsung Credits

As Android Police points out, this new information was provided by one of Galaxy Club’s sources.

Launched alongside the Galaxy S23?

Although the identity of the source in question has not been released, this revelation is sure to delight fans. In fact, some older Samsung high-end devices already have wireless charging. Among them, there are even models that came with an induction charging dock. Unfortunately, for the past few years, Samsung has offered its wireless chargers as optional accessories. This means that to take advantage of wireless charging, you need to invest in additional equipment. And it must be said that there is no shortage of competing models…

In any case, this situation could soon change. If we are to believe the Galaxy Club report, the latest wireless charger from the Asian firm, the Trio Pad, could soon be entitled to a successor. It would therefore seem that Samsung is preparing a new induction charger for 2023. Concretely, the “ Wireless Charger Hub could launch alongside the Galaxy S23 in January or February next year. As of now, we don’t yet know much about this supposedly new high-tech accessory from the owner of the Galaxy brand. But the leak comes with a few details you might be interested in.

A price around 100 dollars?

First, it turns out that the new charging cradle could cost around $99. Remember that when it was released, the Trio Pad had displayed a more or less similar price. Still according to our colleagues from Android Police, this alleged future Samsung Qi charger has a model number that reveals something in common with the Trio Pad, namely EP-P9500while the latter bears the reference EP-P6300TBEG. In addition, the South Korean high-tech giant would intend to allow the user to recharge at least three devices at the same time.

Let’s hope that other leaks will soon allow us to learn more about this mysterious equipment which would be in development at Samsung.

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