Starlab private space station will get Hilton-designed suites

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Starlab private space station will get Hilton-designed suites

hilton, the hotel giant, is going to tackle a sector that has never been seen before, space. Hilton will partner with three other companies, which are Nano racks, Traveling Space and Lockheed Martinto set up the future private space station called starlabwhich was announced in 2021.

According to a joint statement made by these companies on Tuesday, September 20, Hilton will bring its expertise and experience in hospitality to design and develop suites aboard Starlab. For companies, this will help rethink the human experience in space, which will allow for more comfortable long stays.

Credits Nanoracks/Lockheed Martin/Voyager Space

Starlab is among the private space stations expected to take the place of the International Space Station (ISS) towards the end of the decade. Even though NASA still plans to use the ISS until 2030, the US space agency is already preparing to find successors to the station.

Make Starlab comfortable

When the Starlab space station is ready, it will be able to accommodate up to 4 astronauts during the same period. A laboratory called George Washington Carver Science Park will also be installed there.

Regarding the construction of Starlab, Hilton and Voyager will be responsible for work on its architecture and design. The private station will be equipped with accommodation suites, sleeping facilities, and common areas for the astronauts. Later, the two companies plan to create a “ground-to-space astronaut experience”, branding opportunities, and they will support efforts in the fields of tourism, education and trade.

Investing in the next space stations

For the design of the Starlab station, Voyager and Nanoracks have been awarded more than 161 million euros from NASA in December 2021. This contract is part of a package of contracts with a total value of 420 million euros. euros which was divided into 3 almost equal parts, the objective being the design of a private space station.

Thus, apart from Voyager and Nanoracks, Blue Origin obtained 131 million euros, and Northrop Grumman Systems Corp. obtained 126.8 million euros.

Despite these contracts, many criticize NASA for not doing enough and not working fast enough regarding the development of new space stations. Critics say the US space agency may not be ready before the ISS is retired.


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