The transparent shell, one of the best accessories for high-end smartphones!

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The transparent shell, one of the best accessories for high-end smartphones!

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The transparent shell has recently gained interest among smartphone users. This may be justified by the aesthetic benefit it provides. But its other specificities can also explain the enthusiasm of users.

Transparent shell
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What is a clear shell?

The transparent shell is an accessory that serves to protect a smartphone without hiding its original design. It is often used as a luxury cover by users of high-end smartphones.

Clear cases are usually made of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). But there are also premium models that adopt optically transparent polycarbonate. The latter are also the most recommended because of their quality and their anti-yellowing character.

What are the advantages of a transparent case?

With the transparent shell, users highlight design of their smartphone while protecting it. Indeed, it is often preferred by owners of high-end phones. It is logical that a user who has invested in an iPhone 14 for example does not want to hide the external appearance of his phone.

Indeed, the design of a high-end smartphone is part of its prestige and allows its user to assert themselves. But from another point of view, the simplicity can also be seen as an advantage of the transparent shell. Indeed, for the purchase of this type of accessory you will not need to dwell on color preferences.

This case ultimately offers a clean look that will suit all aesthetic requirements. Also, it is able to protect a phone as is the case for all other models. It is therefore effective against scratches, shocks, falls and dirt. Depending on its design, its edges can also serve as protection for the screen.

Which transparent case to choose?

If you opt for the transparent shell, it is better to choose an anti-yellowing model. This will save you from spending on successive purchases or searching for cleaning tips in vain. Indeed, yellowing is the biggest problem for clear case users.

Often the accessory continuously loses its shine after a period of use. Yellowing is mainly due to sunlight. These act on the thermoplastic polyurethane found in the manufacture of most transparent hulls.

But, anti-yellowing models are often made of polycarbonate and other materials that are resistant to the sun’s ultra-violet rays. Thus, they can be used over very long periods without degrading. For these types of hulls there are also models flexible and rigid. The former have the advantage of being thinner. They also make the grip more ergonomic while perfectly matching the curves of the smartphone.

In addition, the transparent shells with anti-yellowing are also worth cleaning. But you won’t need any special techniques or harsh chemicals to remove dirt from these models. A damp cloth and mild soap could be more than enough.

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