The success of the Zero Extinction plan requires stopping population growth!

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The success of the Zero Extinction plan requires stopping population growth!

The Australian federal government announced the plan “zero extinction”which aims to protect endangered species of flora and fauna. Habitat preservation is necessary for this plan to be successful. Sustainable Population Australia (SPA) has claimed that stopping human population growth would be a crucial condition.

A kangaroo

According to the Minister of Environment and Water, Tanya Plibersek, this objective is part of a ten year planwhich will focus on 110 species and 20 locations. It will also protect an additional 50 million hectares of land and seas by 2027.

Koala habitat loss is a salutary warning

Many factors are behind these threats and extinctions, including climate change, wild pests and even bushfires. However, Ms Jenny Goldie, National Chairman of the SPA, believes that in Australia urban development and the expansion of agriculture are the main responsible. It is imperative that this human invasion of all natural ecosystems stops.

Species depend on each other within ecosystems. As a result, introduced species can seriously disturb natives. This is why it is important to manage the ecosystem and protect the habitat in an optimal way. According to Ms Goldie, the loss of koala habitat in the Sydney Basin due to urban development is a warning not to be ignored.

The only solution would be to stop human population growth

The plan “zero extinction” risk of failing because of certain actions that should be changed or even stopped. For example, the government mandates rapid population growth. Habitat clearing and destruction are poorly regulated. There are also long-term horizons for the exploitation and export of fossil fuels.

Faced with urban sprawl and the loss of natural habitats, the backfill can be considered as an alternative. However, for Ms. Goldie, this is a false solution. The ecological footprint of humans will continue to grow. People must feed, clothe and shelter. Agriculture, forestry and mining are therefore indispensable.

For her, the only solution would be to stop population growth. This requires low outward migration and maintenance of below-replacement fertility levels.


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