Fire Stick Amazon: Operation, Services, Price – All about the multimedia box!

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Fire Stick Amazon: Operation, Services, Price – All about the multimedia box!

the firestick amazon is a streaming device developed by the Amazon company. This very popular electronic gadget is a great option for home entertainment. Equipped with a remote control, it plugs into the HDMI port of the television set.

Outraged TV shows, series, movies and other videosyou can use it to listen to music, view photos and even play your favorite games. The Amazon Fire Stick is indeed ideal for hosting all your favorite multimedia content.

firestick amazon
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In addition, it is easily transportable and works with an internet connection. For a unique experience with your Amazon Fire Stickdiscover here its characteristics, how it works and other interesting information!

The Amazon Fire Stick: what is it?

The Amazon Fire stick is an electronic gadget made of shape of an HDMI key which connects to a television set. It is a powerful tool that can make the screen of a television dynamic and intelligent for excellent moments of entertainment.

It should be noted that the Amazon Fire Stick is an improved and refined version of the amazon fire tv decoder appeared in 2014. Smaller and better powered, this multimedia box offers more features to users. Thanks to Firestick Amazonyou can follow many shows on a wide variety of channels.

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Since its release, the Amazon Fire Stick has been competing strongly Google’s Chromecast and Xiaomi’s Mi TV. The experience with this HDMI multimedia key is unique. It is mainly centered around best amazon services as Music Unlimited and Prime Video. Its use is disconcertingly easy.

The main features of the Fire Stick Amazon media box

The Amazon Fire Stick is an HDMI-type key that allows you to broadcast Full HD images. Featuring the Amazon App Store, it supports many apps like:

  • Netflix;
  • Canal +;
  • Disney+, etc.

He has a memory 1 GB RAM and an internal memory of 8 GB with a frequency 1.7 GHz processor. This HDMI key is also equipped Bluetooth 5.0 and Wifi 5 (ac). Its black color and its dimensions give it a clean and minimalist look.

It also has a designer remote control that is intuitive to use.

How the Amazon Fire Stick works

The operation of the Amazon Fire Stick is similar to that of many multimedia boxes. However, it has some features that make it easier to use.

To use the Amazon streaming HDMI key, you must first connect to a television set. Televisions generally have an HDMI port for connecting other devices such as the Fire Stick. You can also use a USB port to adapt the ports of the television at the end of the key.

After the connection phase, you must connect to an internet network for configuration. The setup process is displayed on the TV screen. The use of the Amazon Fire Stick indeed requires the creation of an Amazon account.

firestick amazon
Fire Stick Amazon Credit 123RF

If you already have an Amazon account, you no longer need a new account. Otherwise, you must register an account to complete the setup process. Once setup is complete, the Amazon Fire Stick becomes the central repository for all your content.

By connecting it to your television set, you have access to all the videos and music previously purchased on your Amazon account. In addition, images stored in the cloud of the Amazon account are also accessible.

This multimedia box also allows you to have access to many games and applications. For example, you can use it to watch your favorite movies and series on the Netflix app. Other apps like YouTube, Hulu, HBO, Disney and ESPN are also accessible from the Amazon Fire Stick.

Benefits of Amazon Fire Stick

The Amazon Fire Stick has many advantages both functionally and in terms of design.

Online broadcasts

The Amazon Fire Stick is one of the best options for benefit from a good online distribution. This streaming tool is indeed equipped with technologies that facilitate the broadcast of programs or series online. You don’t need to reach long to follow your favorite programs.

Just search for them in the horizontal search bar to access them in real time. The use of this multimedia box makes you master of your television. You can choose the programs you want whenever you want.

The Amazon Alexa functionality is integrated for faster searches. It provides voice control to find the desired program from its name. The app Fire TV Remote is another alternative to perform a quick search on the media key.

From voice prompts present on your phone, you can make a choice which will be transmitted directly to the Fire Stick through the application. This last one is completely free and at no additional cost.

Ease of use and easy portability

Ease of use is one of the unmistakable advantages of the Amazon Fire Stick. Unlike many other media boxes, using this HDMI key is simple and intuitive. To connect it, simply insert it into the HDMI port of the television.

  • Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote (with TV Control Buttons) | HD streaming device

With its remote control and many features, you can easily find your favorite series, movies, games and other programs.

Likewise, the Amazon Fire Stick is very easy to transport. Its USB key shape makes it quite portable. When traveling, on vacation or on vacation, you could carry your Amazon Fire stick case without constraint.

An advantageous use of Amazon Prime

If you are an Amazon Prime member, using the Amazon Fire Stick entitles you to some special perks. It is indeed directly linked to the Amazon Prime account. Here you will have access to all the events and contests taking place on Amazon Prime.

In addition, you will be informed of all the updates necessary for the proper use of your Amazon Prime account. Furthermore, it is possible to choose different ranges of Amazon Originals. This is a benefit only for Amazon Fire Stick users.

Free streaming broadcasts

The use of the Amazon Fire TV box requires the subscription to a monthly or annual subscription. However, with the option Jailbreaking Amazon Firestickyou can access free streaming apps and sites on your TV from the stick.

Where to buy an Amazon Fire Stick?

The Amazon Fire Stick is a very accessible multimedia device. You can find them in Amazon stores or from electronic gadget retailers. If you reside in countries outside of Europe and America, the online ordering is still the best option. You can do it directly from the official Amazon website or from safe and reliable online stores.

What are the differences between the Amazon Fire Stick, the Amazon Fire Stick 4K and the Fire TV Cube?

The Fire Stick Amazon 4K and the Fire TV Cube are products provided by Amazon. Although they offer almost the same type of services as the Amazon Fire Stick, there are some small differences. Size is one of the main differences between these three gadgets from Amazon.

firestick amazon
Fire Stick Amazon Amazon Credit

The Amazon Fire Stick has a smaller size than the Fire TV Cube. It’s a easily transportable device. Moreover, it comes in the form of 3 inches long. This feature allows it to be easily connected to the television.

The Fire TV Cube meanwhile comes in the form of a game console. Although its design is elegant, it is not small in size. If you want to acquire a minimalist multimedia box, the Amazon Fire Stick is the best alternative.

Apart from the size, these products from the giant Amazon are different in terms of cost. Overall, Amazon Fire Stick is $39.99 while, the Amazon 4K Fire Stick and Fire TV Cube cost $49.99 and $119.99 respectively. In terms of cost, the Amazon Fire Stick is the best option to consider.

The loading speed is another major difference between these electronic devices. On this level, the Fire TV Cube is the best. With 2 GB RAM memory, it offers users excellent loading speed. Lags and delays are almost non-existent with this model. The charging speed of the other two models is also good.

The last difference between these electronic gadgets is capacity. With the Amazon Fire Stick and the Amazon Fire Stick 4K, you have the ability to track and store lots of high-resolution videos. For updates too, the Fire Amazon Stick stands out from other models.

the firestick amazon is a powerful electronic gadget with many features. You can choose this Amazon product to enjoy great entertainment time in front of your TV.

  • Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote (with TV Control Buttons) | HD streaming device

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