Wisk Aero has just unveiled its 6th generation semi-autonomous flying taxi

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Wisk Aero has just unveiled its 6th generation semi-autonomous flying taxi

The company Wisk Aero has just unveiled its latest product in terms of flying taxis. it’s about the 6th generation of the company’s semi-autonomous flying taxiand the latter qualifies the device as “first-ever candidate for FAA type certification of an autonomous eVTOL”.

According to Wisk, the new device is equipped with 4 seats and can fly at a speed of between 203 and 222 km/h. Its flight altitude is 762 to 1,219 m. The flying taxi is able to take off and land vertically thanks to its 12 motors, some of which can rotate. As for the radius of action, it is about 144 km.

Wisk Aero Flying Taxi
Credits Wisk Aero

The design of the new model resembles an upgraded version of the flying taxi “Cora” which had performed a flight demonstration in 2018. According to the company, the 6th generation proposes improved control and better energy management than previous versions.

Autonomous flight technology highlighted

In a promotional video posted by the company, passengers can be seen fastening their seat belts and going through the various stages of a security procedure on touch screens. Security question, Wisk indicates that on this new version of the device, there is “fewer moving parts, no hydraulics, no oil and no fuel”. The company also said the craft was “designed to exceed today’s stringent aviation safety standards which predict a one in a billion chance of having an accident”.

For Wisk, the peculiarity of this new version, it is the use of autonomous flight technology which she considers the “key” to air mobility. The company plans to install improved sensors to detect and avoid obstacles. In parallel, there will be human supervisors who will follow each flight and can take control if necessary.

A difficult stage

Wisk is counting on its new vehicle to obtain certification from the FAA. This certification will allow the aircraft to carry passengers in the United States. However, this is a difficult step, even for companies known as Boeing with its standard design aircraft. As Wisk is a new company that presents a completely new design of aircraft that has never carried a passenger before, it can be said that obtaining the certificate will not be so simple.

Note that Wisk Aero is a company that emerged from the company kittyhawk after she signed a partnership with Boeing for the development of flying taxi Cora of 5th generation. Kittyhawk was founded by Larry Page, the co-founder of Google, and recently, the company announced its closure.

SOURCE: Engadget

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