Google: no longer need to put “Reddit” in your searches

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Google: no longer need to put “Reddit” in your searches

The Mountain View firm is working hard to find a way to make your browsing experience even more enjoyable. During her annual event called “Search On”, she presented several new ways to search. The most interesting is the one called “discussions and forums”. The concept is quite simple: every time you do a search on Google, and more specifically in the form of an open question, the search engine will display a variety of forums.

Specifically, you will see a variety of popular forums and online discussions that will relate to the topic of your search. ” This feature is a good way to get first-hand advice and learn from people who have experience with something you’re interested in. “explained Google. He even presented examples to help you understand the importance of this feature.

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No need to mention “Reddit” anymore

In the article that Google published in its blog, it gave an example that shows the results of “Reddit”. Search engines show it when you type in “best car for big families” and it’s the same with Quora and Edmunds. Remember that before this feature, you had to add “Reddit” to a search if you wanted to find really useful results.

Previously, if you overlooked this mention, the search engine would direct you to a page full of SEO hack ads and articles which are apparently generated by Artificial Intelligence. ” We heard you wanted to see more of this content in search, so we explored new ways to do that; easier to find “said Google.

An innovative feature

The “discussions and forums” feature is very easy for users. Indeed, knowing many opinions on a subject or product that interests you could be very useful to you. In addition, the feature has only been deployed in the United States for searches in English.

Google promised to expand it in the future. ” We might update it in the future as we learn what is most useful for people ” he said.


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