Google will launch “Results About You” in 2023

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Google will launch “Results About You” in 2023

Google is currently preparing a feature that could revolutionize your Internet searches. In 2023, Google may notify you when personal information appears in search. Baptized ” Results About You This feature aims to provide users with an easier way to extract their sensitive personal information from company search results. The information we are talking about here are physical addresses, phone numbers and email addresses.

It’s a way for Google to show that it takes the management of users’ personal data seriously. The company also said that once ” Results About You will be fully deployed, it will be available on iOS, Android and on the web. It should be noted, however, that some Android users have already received the functionality, last week.

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More details on the “Results About You” feature,

“Results About You” will streamline the content removal process for personally identifiable information you don’t want on the web. Google posted on Twitter that the notification system will be “opt-in”. For those who do not know, it is a process by which a user must give his authorization to receive “push notifications”. This system is best suited to people in high-level positions or being targeted by harassment campaigns.

Moreover, you will no longer need to read the specific Google help article but a few clicks will suffice to send the deletion request. Note that the tech giant only removes search results, not content on the web itself. Although it is difficult for Internet users to find, the information will always be accessible on the site that hosts it.

In 2023, “Results About You” will be more proactive

The company said that next year, ” Results About You will become proactive and allow users to enable alerts when new personal information about them appears in search results, allowing users to request removal more quickly.

When you use the tool, it will ask you what type of content you will flag for removal, which will allow Google to match the type of information to its content removal policy as well as measure the severity.


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