Twitch only supports Chrome, Edge, and Firefox browsers

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Twitch only supports Chrome, Edge, and Firefox browsers

There has been some confusion among Twitch users due to miscommunication from the platform. Indeed, Twitch announced via Twitter that only Chrome, Edge, and Firefox browsers are officially supported by the popular streaming platform.

Twitch broke the news just like that, without any context, which left users in some confusion. However, it appears that the restrictions are only temporary and have been placed on alternative browsers to allow the platform to locate and then shut down hotspots used to craft bot accounts.


The causes of this temporary restriction

It all started with users encountering errors while logging into Twitch. The service’s support then posted a tweet asking users to log in from an up-to-date version of the three aforementioned supported browsers. She also added that a help article for fixing the problems would be coming soon.

Following the confusion the tweet caused, Tom Verrilli, CPO of Twitch, gave some explanation on Twitter. He said the restrictions on some browsers were only temporary measures. He explained that it was in order to fight against the bots that are used ” in hate raids “. According to Verrilli, people need to use a browser they don’t prefer today to stop the hate raid tomorrow “.

Users can still log in through other browsers

Despite this restriction, it turns out that if you connect for example with Opera GX, you will always be able to access Twitch on the sole condition that you have the latest version. Opera GX assured this to users of the streaming platform on Twitter. Additionally, a writer at The Verge also tested connecting to Twitch through three of the biggest alternative browsers namely Safari, Brave, and Opera GX and he found that he could still watch videos and start a stream.

So you can connect to Twitch even on unsupported browsers. The only hiccup reported by some users is the inability to make purchases on the streaming service using unsupported browsers. By the way, even streamers who use one of the browsers considered to be supported would encounter connection errors.


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