Delta to invest big in flying taxi company Joby

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Delta to invest big in flying taxi company Joby

In the near future, the flying taxis will be part of the means of transport that the public will be able to use in daily life. But for now, the various companies working in the sector are in full development or testing phase. On the other hand, some companies are looking for partners in the sector to transport their customers, and this is the case of Delta who has just invested in the startup Joby Aviation.

According to the information, Delta has just invested a total of 204 million euros in the Joby Aviation company. As part of this agreement, the latter will have the role of transporting Delta customers from their home to the airport using flying taxis.

Joby Aviation's flying taxi
Credits Joby Aviation

So when this service becomes available, Delta customers will enjoy the convenience of a eVTOLthat is to say an electric vehicle capable of taking off and landing vertically, to reach their terminal.

A golden deal for Joby

At first, this new service will be available for Delta passengers transiting through New York City and Los Angeles. It will work for a period of time at least 5 years after its launch. The service will exist alongside the regular service already offered by Joby at airports in “priority” areas.

We can say that this agreement signed with Delta represents an important boost for Joby. The latter was the first company of eVTOL to have obtained certifications for airworthiness and for transport service from the FAA. With this new agreement, Joby could have the advantage over its direct competitorsnotably Archer and Wisk Aero which are still awaiting certifications from the FAA, as well as major partnerships.

A growing company

If we compare it with its competitors, Joby Aviation is in the process of grow faster than others. Towards the beginning of 2020, the startup, for example, obtained an investment of 403 million euros from Toyota. Later in the same year, Joby bought Uber’s flying taxi business. We know that the NASA is also interested in the startup’s products since the American space agency began testing eVTOLs from Joby in 2021.

With all this progress made, Joby Aviation could become the company that will introduce flying taxis to the general public.

SOURCE: Engadget

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