A prototype charger that can charge an electric car in 10 minutes

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A prototype charger that can charge an electric car in 10 minutes

One thing most often criticized for electric carsit is necessary plenty of time to charge them. But regarding this problem, the various manufacturers and companies continue to improve the technology to make these vehicles more convenient. Among these companies are Zerova Technologiesa Phihong branch based in Taiwan, which has developed a 480 kW charger prototype who could charge an electric car in just 10 minutes.

This charger that promises to make life easier for electric vehicle users is called the Four Gun Charger. According to the company, it is also capable of charging 4 vehicles simultaneously with a single terminal.

Zerova Technologies
Credits Zerova Technologies

Zerova Technologies presented for the first time its products in the field of energy during eMove360° Europe in Berlin.

Some features of the new charger

According to information provided by Zerova, the Four Gun Charger was designed to charge passenger and commercial vehicles. The station is equipped with independent chargers on the same block. Each charger comes with a 5m cable to easily charge 4 different vehicles. The chargers are compatible with CCS-1, CCS-2, CHAdeMO and GB standards.

The full charge which takes 10 minutes is calculated on the basis of a vehicle with a battery pack of 75 kWh. According to Zerova’s estimates, it would also be possible to obtain a range of 150 km after less than 5 minutes of recharging. This feature will allow some drivers to recharge their car quickly and complete their runs before landing for a full recharge.

Many competitors

With such promising results, Zerova said its Four Gun magazine now represents the new standard for the “world’s fastest magazine.” However, this new device has competition.

A year ago, the Swiss company ABB qualified its loader Terra 360 fastest charger in the world. This charger, which can also supply energy to 4 vehicles, could, according to the company, fully recharge a vehicle in 15 minutes.

Before ABB, the Chinese company GAC Aion also demonstrated its 480 kW charger designed to work with its ultra-fast charging graphene-based batteries. This charger would be able to provide a range of 200 km after 5 minutes charging timeand fill the battery to 80% after a charging time of 8 minutes.

Apart from these companies, there are also the companies Xpeng and NIO who have developed their own super-charger.

As for Zerova, it will demonstrate its prototype 480 kW charger during eMove360°. It will also present the 360 ​​kW variant. Zerova plans to launch the Four Gun magazine during the 4th quarter of 2023without specifying whether it will be the 480 kW version or the 360 ​​kW version.

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