Sadness makes you older than smoking, study confirms

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Sadness makes you older than smoking, study confirms

At a certain age, many factors cause molecular damage that accumulates and promotes the development of serious diseases related to aging. This is what researchers from Deep Longevity and of Stanford University by making this subject the subject of their last study. They noticed that the usual anti-aging care only focused on the physique of the patients without considering the psychological side.

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According to scientists, the psychological health of an individual greatly influences his biological age, and the phenomenon worsens in the presence of certain factors. Comparative studies have shown that even the adverse effects of smoking do not accelerate aging in a person as much as the bad mood.

Deepankar Nayak, the CEO of Deep longevity, has contributed enormously to the research whose results appear in Aging-US. At the end of the work, the scientists set up an automated approach capable of evaluating the state psychology of an individual and its impact on aging.

The psychological state has a substantial impact on the biological age of the patient

According to the latest study, the feeling of loneliness, sadness and the phases of restless sleep present in the elderly significantly increase their rate of aging. In fact, accelerated aging is more likely to occur in people with a history stroke (stroke) and liver disease. Smokers and no surprises people with a vulnerable mental state are not spared.

In addition, live in a rural area and be single would be additional factors that can aggravate the early aging process. The experts therefore concluded that any anti-aging therapy should also focus on the psychological aspect of the patient.

“An individual’s mental and psychosocial health is a reliable indicator of an individual’s health and quality of life. However, the usual therapies do not take this into account. »

Stanford University’s Manuel Faria

Now it is possible to detect accelerated aging

The team proposes an action plan to slow down and even reverse psychological aging at national scale. Concretely, Deep Longevity has set up FutureSelf.AIan online AI-guided mental health service.

The platform establishes a psychological estimate and draws up a complete diagnosis on the psychological age of a user. The patient’s current and future mental well-being is also assessed.

“FuturSelf.AI combines the latest advancements in machine learning to reliably establish a person’s mental health. »

Deepankar Nayak, the CEO of Deep longevity.


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