The meeting of the third type would not be as dangerous as we think!

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The meeting of the third type would not be as dangerous as we think!

Extraterrestrial life forms have always been considered potentially harmful to humanity, and this fear is justified. Nevertheless, some scientists from the Penn State University are not totally of this opinion, because according to them, the real danger could come from the men themselves. Moreover, they think that the encounter with aliens could be beneficial in many areas.

Encountering aliens can be dangerous for humanity

The new study thus comes to criticize and complete an old work which denounced the disasters of realpolitik (self-interest of governments) in new technologies. According to research, dating of the third kind would take a dangerous turn when some begin to think they might monopolize ETI (Extraterrestrial Intelligence).

Jason T. Wright of Penn State University was the lead author of the recent study, titled Geopolitical Implications of a Successful SETI Program. It points out the shortcomings of The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence: A Realpolitik Consideration Where WT2020.

WT2020 condemns realpolitik

The old work that denounced the effects of realpolitik on the ETI was based on several examples. In the past, many governments have shown this desire to get what they want at any cost. In other words, realpolitik is a tactic focused on purely selfish points rather than real goals.

The authors of WT2020 feared that the great powers wanted monopolize knowledge relating to ETIs. Each country will want to strengthen its armament and defenses, which will lead to global conflicts. According to them, the consequences of such a possibility would be dangerous for humanity.

“Imagine that the great powers covet this technological privilege. This could lead to conflicts or other undesirable consequences. »

Kenneth Wisian speaking at the Center for Space Research at the University of Texas.

New study suggests ETI could be helpful

The authors of the new study criticize the results of the earlier study on several points. For example, according to them, it would be very unlikely that a nation would succeed in monopolize technologies and communications with ETIs. According to the new document, realpolitik may well be a suitable response to encounters with extraterrestrials, but under certain conditions.

However, the new thought joins in some points the old. She argues that instead of seeking to strengthen their armaments and defences, governments could share their knowledge with each other to improve the areas like science and technology as a whole. Scientists from various countries could then help each other to find new technological approaches to the question.

“To better exploit ETIs, States must adopt transparency and data sharing for better global cohesion. »

Jason T. Wright of Penn State University


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