Zipline will use its drones to deliver drugs to Utah

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Zipline will use its drones to deliver drugs to Utah

Zipline has just extended its activities to UNITED STATES. The company has associated with a company that provides medical services In the region Intermountain in Utah. The aim of this collaboration is to deliver medicine using drones.

Zipline has started using its drones to deliver medicine to patients of Intermountain Healthcare in the area of Salt Lake Valley. For the moment, Zipline can only offer its services to people living in communities a few kilometers from its distribution center.

A Zipline drone
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According to the information, Zipline counts set up more distribution centers over the next 5 years. It will thus be able to extend beyond Salt Lake Valley and deliver drugs throughout Utah.

Zipline’s activities in the United States

Zipline has been using its drones for some time now to deliver to Africa. As for the United States, the company started working there when the Covid-19 pandemic started. In 2020, Zipline partnered with Novant Health to deliver personal protective equipment and other materials to healthcare workers caring for Covid patients in North Carolina. Later, she signed an agreement with walmart to make the delivery of health materials in the vicinity of the headquarters of the distributor in Arkansas.

Last June, Zipline received authorization from the FAA allowing it to make long-distance deliveries for individuals in the United States. For the company, this authorization allows it to significantly extend its services in the country.

The case of Intermountain Healthcare patients

Currently, patients of Intermountain Healthcare in Salt Lake Valley can sign up if they want to take advantage of deliveries made by Zipline. The latter will then assess their eligibility based on their place of residence, the size of their yard, but also the airspace that surrounds them.

Zipline drones are gliders with a length of 182 cm and a wingspan of 304 cm. These devices usually fly at an altitude of 91 to 122 m, but they descend to an altitude of between 18 and 24 m to drop the packages which are equipped with a parachute.

According to Bijal Mehta, Head of Global Fulfillment Operations at Zipline, they believe immediate delivery is a cornerstone of the future of healthcare. They say they are excited to offer their service in the Salt Lake City area for “to make people’s lives better, easier and healthier”.

SOURCE: Engadget

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