It will be possible to pre-order the electric vehicle from Sony and Honda from 2025

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It will be possible to pre-order the electric vehicle from Sony and Honda from 2025

In a joint press release, the two companies Sony and Honda announced that consumers will be able to start pre-order their new electric car in 2025. This is the very first model that these two companies have developed through their joint venture called Sony Honda Mobility Inc. (SHM).

Thus, SHM expects to begin deliveries in the United States by spring 2026. In Japan, deliveries of the electric vehicle are expected to begin during the second half of 2026.

Sony Honda Mobility
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According to reports, the two companies are also thinking of launching the vehicle in Europe. However, there is nothing specific about this yet.

An online sales system

Sony and Honda did not provide many details regarding the electric vehicle they are currently developing. For example, we do not know the autonomy of the battery or the price of the vehicle. What we do know, however, is the fact that the two companies plan to focus their efforts on online sales, a method already used by Tesla. The first model will also have a higher price.

With regard to manufacturing, Honda will build the vehicles in its factory in North America. On his side, Sony will be responsible for developing the vehicle software system and sensors.

SHM aims to develop a level 3 autonomous driving system. This means cars will eventually have the ability to drive without driver assistance under certain conditions.

Operate the in-flight entertainment system

According to Reuters, the software system developed by Sony will also offer the possibility of entertainment and access to other servicesbut you will have to pay a Monthly subscription. This will allow SMH to obtain recurring revenue. The company even plans to offer new types of in-car entertainment. Some will be based on the metaverse.

Let’s wait and see if Sony and Honda can respect this schedule they are proposing. SMH CEO Yasuhide Mizuno said they are accelerating the development of the electric vehicle and cannot afford to miss the year 2025 for receiving pre-orders. For the company, 2025 will represent a turning point for the electrification of the automotive sector.

SOURCE: Engadget

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