NASA has just chosen a new date for the launch of Artemis 1

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NASA has just chosen a new date for the launch of Artemis 1

Once again, the NASA has just chosen a new date for the launch of the mission Artemis 1. According to the agency, the rocket and the capsule are almost completely ready to hit the launch pad for takeoff. The return to the launch pad will take place on November 4, and the launch will take place a few days later, November 14.

Initially, the Artemis 1 mission was scheduled to lift off towards the end of August. But on three occasions, unforeseen events forced officials to postpone the flight. The attempt of November 14 will thus be the 4th.

Space Launch System
Credits NASA/Joel Kowsky

The Artemis 1 mission aims to send the capsule Orion without a passenger around the Moon thanks to the rocket Space Launch System (SLS). This mission will act as a test flight for the rocket and the capsule. The results will make it possible to prepare the future missions of the Artemis program whose goal is to bring NASA astronauts back to the Moon.

The different obstacles

The first attempt to launch Artemis 1 was canceled due to a problem with one of the motors. The data showed that it had not been sufficiently cooled before the arrival of the cryogenic fuel. Later, engineers discovered that a faulty temperature sensor had read erroneous data.

During the second attempt, which took place at the beginning of September, the engineers discovered a hydrogen leak at a fuel line. The problem was solved by replacing a gasket in poor condition.

Finally, NASA was preparing for the third attempt when hurricane ian arrived. Faced with the risks, it was decided to bring the rocket back to the VAB or Vehicle Assembly Building to protect it.

Place for take-off

Now that everything is calm on the Florida side, NASA is preparing for the November 14 launch. Over the past few days, the agency has inspected the rocket and the capsule and concluded that only minor maintenance work before take off.

The SLS rocket will thus return to the road to reach the launch pad of the Kennedy Space Center November 4. November 14, the 69 minute shooting window will open shortly after midnight.

Let’s hope that nothing will stand in the way of the Artemis 1 mission.

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